1 Dress : 3+1=4 Ways

Hi everyone 🙂

How have you all been? First of all, big apologies for being absent for so long. Honestly, I was dying to put up another post over here but something or the other kept me at bay from blogging. But, here I am today feeling abundant with joy while I put up this post. 😀

You see what I am talking 😀

Now, only I know how much positive feedback I got when I did the post on “How you can style 1 Jumpsuit in 2 effective ways” Read it here . So I realized one thing that, no matter how many pretty clothing line you own in your closet, you want to wear each and every piece that you own, in all the beautiful ways possible for it to be worn. And there comes my idea for my next post. Another “How to style” edit wherein, I will be styling a dress in different ways.

Here is a glimpse of my dress that, I will be styling in this post. The mint colour & cutout at back is ❤

Also, on recommendation of a dear friend – from this post onwards, I am going to start mentioning the cost price of all things that will be displayed in my blog posts. Hope, it helps you guys in some way. 🙂 I will be doing it in the outfit details section at the end of each post.

Today, I’ve got you covered for the following occassions with that one dress of yours :-

  1. Brunch date / Movie date
  2. Holiday mode
  3. Work meets (yes, work meetings in a dress !)
  4. Party mode (I have only a couple of shots for this one as, the rest couldn’t make the final cut)

Enough said ! Let’s get to the looks now –

What’s on the menu today? The Brunch Look !
You can easily carry off this look to a movie date without going OTT.


Get the look – Put on that dress, throw upon a scarf and make some use of that slim belt.
Ohh.. and some comfy heels would only add more class to the whole look. Try it before you buy it. 🙂

Scroll down for Look # 2. OK I don’t know what was it but, the moment I got into this look I was just jumping and bouncing. I didn’t know what else to do other than that. I think the holiday mode literally got me in. 😉

Shut up & bounce !
We are going to Ibiza ! Vengaboyz anyone ? 😀
Finally, I got some hold of myself. Actually I am trying to be a good kid so that I don’t get left out for that coming holiday trip. 😉
Get the look – Put on that dress ( always 😉 ) , throw upon it an oversized shirt and let that broad belt do what it does best – hold everything up together !
New love details ❤
I have come to terms with life – paint your nails yellow and wear a shiny colourful head band. #happinessforever

Here comes the look # 3. Next time you have to rush to a work meeting and you feel nothing right about what to wear, try out the dress-over-pants trend. It’s fresh and easy. Lately, there has been a trend of wearing a dress over pants ( pants here could mean trousers as well as jeans ). It is not visibly there on the streets yet but, I believe that it will take it’s own time to become popular among the masses. I tried it to show you that, this can be done and must be given a try at least. 🙂

Work those pants like a girl boss !
Keep it crisp and fresh with tailored straight fit trousers in subtle colours.
What you wear and how you wear speaks volumes about you. So, make sure you wear some class.
Details ! Btw I wore the same footwear and carried the same sling for this look as I did for look #1. But, I feel it completed the look here more.
As Marilyn Monroe said – “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Now, I just have one or two pics of this fourth look to show you guys (sorry 😦 ) . I tried a lot but trust me you guys, even the 08:00 a.m. sun was scorching us like we are in for some fry. I promise I would do even earlier shoot next time. For now, this is all that I have for you for the look # 4.

Going all black for the party !
I chose to pair this dress with black embellished tights and black kitten heels. I think it did my purpose.
Can you feel the heat ?? Well I was burning !

Finally, we come to the end of this long post. You just saw how I love styling my outfits in different ways and I know that you too love doing that. So, if you have any particular requests regarding styling a piece of clothing or any other fashion related query, Plz do leave a comment in the section provided. I would love to hear from you about which one of the following was your favourite.

Until next time 🙂

Also, I have to emphasise on one thing and that is investing in good versatile pieces of fashion. I love to shop like any other fashion lover but I mostly spend on such pieces which are simple yet, make a statement. So, next time you go shopping try to keep in mind that if what you are buying can go with more than a couple of looks or not. It really helps. 🙂

Outfit details :

Mint dress – H&M ( INR 1,299 / 350 ) on sale 😉

Look # 1 …. Black scarf – Sarojini Nagar market ( INR 50 ) , Red slim belt – Koovs.com ( INR 795 / 304 ) buy it here , Sling bag – Some export house in gurgaon ( INR 600 ) , Blue & beige wedges – Westside ( INR 1,199 ) buy it here  it’s on 40% off right now, lucky sizes.

Look # 2 …. Denim oversized shirt – Borrowed from Mr. Husband Westside ( very old purchase ) , Striped wide waist belt – Koovs.com ( INR 795 / 304 ) buy it here , Colourful twisted knot headband  – Forever 21 ( INR 300 ) buy it here , White Shoes – Kin’s, S.N. Market ( INR 899 / 750 )

Look # 3 …. Pants – Marks & Spencers ( INR 1,999 ) , Footwear & Sling bag – same as Look # 1

Look # 4 …. Black tights – Forever 21 ( INR 599 ) buy it here , Black kitten heels – Stelatoes ( quite old ) , Black choker necklace – Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 50 ) , Sling bag – Esbeda ( gifted )

Thank you for reading till the end. :*

Hugs & Smiles ♥♥

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