Hariyali Teej : A tale of Shiva & Parvati

To Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati

Hi everyone.. 😀 Welcome to the first Indianwear post on my blog. I am sooo.. excited to be sharing this today. Now, we all are aware of the festival Teej that is celebrated across northern and western parts of India but did you know that it is also an observed celebration in Nepal? 🙂 Well, I got to know about it recently and it made me realize that, no matter how many differences borders create, we are all connected through that universal source of life a.k.a God.

Om Namah Shivay

This post is a little different from my previous ones as I will be taking you through the story behind – Why Teej is celebrated as a festival? I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am doing while creating it. 🙂 Let’s go !

According to Hindu mythology, Teej marks the occasion of Goddess Parvati coming to the abode of Lord Shiva as his consort.
Most of us know about Parvati but Shiva has many wives. Sati was his first consort. Now some followers of Shiva say that Sati was Shiva’s first wife and Parvati was his second wife. Others say that, Parvati is actually a reincarnation of Sati.
In an effort to win his love, Goddess Parvati decided to do the toughest of penance in the forest.
There are also stories that indicate that Goddess Parvati was shunned by the Lord due to her dark skin.
And then, Lord Brahma was moved by her penance and granted her the wish of immense beauty.
Enchanted with the beauty that Goddess Parvati now possessed, Lord Shiva fell in love with her and they got married.
Teej honours the devotion of Goddess Parvati and the womenfolk seek her blessings for their husband’s long life and a happy marital status.
Until next time 🙂


Outfit details :

Green top – CODE ( INR 599 / 500 ) , Green skirt – Ajio ( INR 1,299 / 650 ) buy it here ,  Yellow dupatta – very old , Golden slim belt – Janpath ( INR 150 )

Jewelery – Tilak Nagar market ( INR 500 )

Thanks for reading.

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