Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Outfits : Edit 2

“The White Shirt”

For the love of white

Hi guys 🙂  A big shoutout to all you guys for all the love so far. I am genuinely grateful to all of you for taking out time and clicking on that link that leads you here to this blog. To each and every one of you – Thank you ♥

That’s what you guys bring to me. Infinite happiness 😀

Now coming to today’s post, I am going to ask you to name me one person who doesn’t own a White Shirt . I bet you can’t name even one. We all own this white garment and it never fails to adorn us. We love wearing it to work with our pants, to casual outings with jeans, to Raksha Bandhan with an ethnic skirt….. Wait…. Whaatt?? Wearing a White Shirt on Raksha Bandhan . . Whyyy??  Because, why not !! 😉

It’s clean, fresh, makes a statement and adds a charm. Everything you need, this Raksha Bandhan.

A white shirt can take your style game up by a notch, without you even trying to. So, in case you are looking for a style this festive season, that is effortless yet stands out. You know what to do. 😉 Scroll for more pics ↓

I paired my white with pink. However, you can pick any colour , because what not goes with white. But, I would suggest that you go for the brighter colour palette keeping in mind the festivities.
This particular white shirt of mine has a tie-knot detail in the front (which I just absolutely adore). And, look at that floral embroidered clutch. It all just looks like a match made in heaven to me. 😀
I decided to dress up the whole look with this beautiful necklace (that I had bought as part of my wedding trousseau) . How to wear a necklace with a Shirt? Always, under the collar darling. 🙂
IMG_20170801_124215 (1)
About the skirt : I had bought it last year around Diwali, and wore it with a blue kurta creating a beautiful contrast. Now, this skirt is full length if worn mid-waist. But for the current look I wore it higher, right where the tie-knot detailing was given in my shirt. Btw, my husband was more than amused when he saw the skirt like this. But he’s always like that so, it’s all okay. :p
Unitl next time you guys :*

I hope you liked what you saw and I really wish that you would try out this look to see for yourself, what all magic your White Shirt can do. Also, please leave a comment to let me know of your reactions. I love your comments, always waiting for them. ♥♥

Outfit details :

Tie-knot detail White Shirt – Vero Moda ( INR 1,999 / 840 ) buy it here and here , Skirt – Soundarya ( INR 999 / 600 ) , but recently I have been seeing this skirt in all possible colours everyewhere in Delhi markets (that too at affordable prices) buy it herehere

here Golden glitter belly flats –  Tilak Nagar market ( INR 300 )

Accessories :

Necklace – Part of a set ( got in my Wedding trousseau ) , Clutch box – Janpath ( INR 350 ) , Ring – Janpath ( INR 70 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hugs & kisses ♥

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