Independence Day outfit

Hi everyone.. πŸ™‚

India is witnessing its 70th year of independence this 15th of August and I am still seeking mine ( getting a little personal today). In my opinion, independence is a very subjective word. For a nation as a whole, it might mean freedom from oppressiveness whereas for the countrymen of the same, it might mean a zillion other things as well.

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the little things that constitute my independent world.
To be free like a bird is something that I’ve always wished for. I mean walking is cool but flying is cooler πŸ˜‰ Jokes apart, by this what I mean to suggest is the freedom to go anywhere anytime ( how about seeing the night life of your town )
Blurring the boundaries. How I wish this whole world was one nation, and all of us were it’s citizens. Can you imagine?? ” No racism, No wars, No bloodshed. “
When I read about the history of places, I read about the men who ruled and men who saved. And then and there I hope that one day, there will be no rulers but only givers. I wish that, rich will not become richer on the cost of making the poor poorer. We are still being ruled over by the government. I seriously believe that, more is being taken from us than what is given to us. And I wait for a real sunrise.
In today’s fast pace world, people seem to carry their sensitivity in their back pockets which they never tend to take out. They think it’s a weak sign, a wrong signal which , if given to the world would screw their social image. It is what they have been taught, people are taught competition which has no space for compassion. I wish for a more sensitive world that would give our lives more meaning rather than just some material things.
I am so not a fan of our current education system. Actually, where is the system when so many of those young bloods are begging out there on the road instead of attending a school. Are we really a free country?? What are we free of, I wonder . .
Until next time !
Dear India , Happy Independence !

I would like to know, what independence means to you. Please leave a comment.

Outfit details :

White vest – Marks & Spencer ( INR 499 p.s. it is the softest fabric ) buy it here , Fringed multi jacket – Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 200 ) , Scarf tied as a belt – I don’t remember the details of it , Jeggings – Marks & Spencer ( quite old ) , Kohlapuri chappal – Bought it from Amritsar, you can easily get these anywhere ( around INR 300 ) , Bag – Dilli Haat ( around INR 300 ) , Mirror Ring – Dilli Haat (INR 150 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hope & Faith β™₯

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  1. This desh bhakti look is so out of the box… .. a relevation to our white kurta and tri color dupatta… This is the kind of content we signed for…Going great.. AND SHOUT OUT TO YOUR EFFORTLESS EFFORTS…

    Liked by 1 person

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