Being touristy in Delhi : Humayun’s Tomb

“Denim Refresh”

Hi there 🙂 Here I am standing at the very first garden-tomb of India.

How is everyone doing in every part of the World ?? The transitional weather caught me and I am not doing well health wise but, I should be fine in a couple of days. I hope you guys are cautious enough to stay at the best of your being.

Now, besides fashion if there is one thing which excites and inspires my living, it’s travel (no points for guessing). And by the word “travel” I am not implying the long distance journeys necessarily. Even a day out to a place that has some story to tell would make my day as much as that long trip to the hills. I love going out and exploring different places and I am sure, most of us share this common interest.

The humongous Humayun’s tomb. It is also known as the “dormitory of the Mughals” as over 150 Mughal family members are buried in it’s cells.

Now, just before me falling sick this week me and my husband decided to visit this exemplary work of architecture and soak in it’s beauty. None of us is really a history buff but that doesn’t stop us from taking out time and witnessing the marvels around us.

UNESCO declared the tomb a World Heritage Site in 1993. 🙂 Gives us another reason to visit!
The tomb was designed by a Persian architect named, Mirak Mirza Ghiyath. Persian and Indian craftsmen worked together to build the garden-tomb, far grander than any tomb built before in the Islamic world.
Built in 1560’s, the persian-islamic combined architecture served as an inspiration in the design of “Taj Mahal” which was built almost 80 years later in the 1640’s.
We all remember how a husband “Shah Jahan” built Taj Mahal in the loving memory of his wife “Mumtaz”. But only a few of us are aware of “Bega Begum” a wife who built the Humayun’s Tomb in the memory of her husband “Humayun”. Love is all around.
Humayun’s garden-tomb is an example of the charbagh (a four quadrant garden with the four rivers of Quranic paradise represented), with pools joined by channels.
A beautiful sunset viewed from one of it’s gardens. This picture deserves a frame.
Until next time you guys.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of such posts. I really look forward to your feedback. 🙂

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Hugs & Kisses ♥

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