The Pathani Kurta : 2 Ways

1 Kurta : 2 Ways

A bigg hello to all .. 🙂 I am back with another of my favourite kind of posts. Styling items of clothing in different ways, to create versatile looks is one of my favourite things to do in life ( you can read my jumpsuit story here and 1 dress : 4 ways here ). And trust me, it isn’t a difficult task. You see, the creators create when they imagine something, the buyers buy while imagining something and guess what, they all imagine differently. Those somethings that they imagine, they vary.. one would dream about a top with a skirt while the other would ride in it with a pair of good old jeans.

That is the science of Styling ! And, that’s one Science I would love to do a P.H.d in. We’ll leave that for some other time though. Coming to today’s centrepiece of this post – The Pathani Kurta.

What makes a kurta , the pathani kurta ?? Well, there are two main ingredients for that – the stiff collar neck and the sturdy shoulder straps. Also, a front pocket patch can be easily spotted on a typical pathani kurta.

It was another regular day of surfing the net and scrolling through numerous online fashion shopping sites, when I came across this rusty orange kurta and within a couple of minutes I could imagine how I can totally style it up and wear it on different occasions. Next thing I did – Add to cart. #guiltypleasures 😉

The colour, the high-low cut, the front slit and the button down advantage of this kurta shirt is a total win-win deal !

I styled this kurta in two basic ways – desi & pardesi 😉 . Both of them are so easy to carry and yet they make the heads turn. Let’s, get on to the deets now !!

For the desi/Indian look, I went ahead with creating a monochromatic look. Adding salwar pants and juttis of similar colour palette was quite refreshing to me. To add more colours to the whole look, I carried this colourful floral embroidery clutch in the front.
What’s a desi look without some baubles and danglers. In an attempt to add some more of a different colour to the whole look, I added these emerald coloured earings and ring. This is actually one of the great advantages of wearing solid colour clothing items. You can experiment so much in terms of accessories.
“Make it simple, but significant.” — Don Draper
Coming to the second look that I created, the urban working woman was on my mind. Add solid cream pants, slip into nude heels and hang that wine sling. We’re done! 🙂
A layered necklace under the collar adds more character to the look that I wish to achieve here.
“Buy less, choose well.” — Vivienne Westwood
Until next time guys 🙂

There are definitely even more ways to wear this piece and I am sure each one of you would wear it your way but what’s important is to “Own It”. When you wear any item of clothing, it must reflect who you truly are. You can be the free spirited bohemian or the always neatly dressed good girl. Whoever you truly are, let your style reflect that. Don’t shy away for shame is for the weak.

Outfit details :

Kurta – All About You ( INR 999 / 499 ) buy it here , Salwar – Fabindia ( INR 590 ) buy it here , Emerald & pink ring – Bling bag , Clutch box sling – Janpath ( INR 350 ) , Cream pants – Forever 21 ( very old ) , Nude pumps – Reliance Footprint , Wine sling bag – Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 500 ) , Layered Necklace – KOOVS ( INR 280 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hugs & Kisses ♥

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  1. I could feel supermodel much creativity… a huge applause to your photographer and his patience and immense support… and babe I can totally imagine 10 years from now you will be ruling the internet or may be everything fashion related.

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