Indian Bridal Trousseau : Part 2

Okay, Let’s seriously take a moment to appreciate the beauty, this room is. Yes, it is a hundreds of years old haveli within the Jaisalmer Fort ( the only living fort in India ) and I’ve lived it. 🙂

Hello everyone, how are we doing and coping with the new weather in town?? Winters have officially entered Delhi and I am hoping to have a good time with it during the upcoming three months. Also it’s the wedding season, that time of the year when we all have a number of weddings and functions to attend and rejoice. I started the Indian Bridal Trousseau series HERE and it was high time to post another one on it.

So here we go. . but before that, just a little background story about the location. Living in Delhi, which is a city full of history and heritage we are surrounded by monuments and forts where legends have lived and even putting a thought on what kind of life they would have enjoyed in there, seems like a luxury to me. So, on one of our very recent trip to Jaisalmer which has the The Only Living Fort of India a.k.a “Jaisalmer Fort” we decided to grab this golden opportunity and picked up this beautiful, truly royal full of old style heritage rooms haveli inside the Living Fort. #livingdreams 

Call it Rani Pink or Magenta , I think that this colour simply lights up the scene. So, aim for it in whatever form that pleases you.
The laser cut detailing on the hem line of the shirt as well as of the dupatta makes this suit a stand out. N yes, those clouds on the wall are hand painted in the interiors of the bedroom #gorgeous
The gold accents and the Indian bride , these are two inseparable terms and a trend that will never lose its charm and glory.
And the always intriguing interesting backs of indian wear. Make effortless statement there !
What do you do sitting by a picturesque window shelf like this ?? You smile 🙂
A full view of the suit. And yes, that CHAIR deserves a picture of it’s own. #love
Until next time 🙂

Hope you liked !!

Outfit details :

Suit – SHADES, Rajouri Garden ( INR 5,500 )

Location courtesy : Hotel Suraj Haveli

Thank you for being here.

Peace & Love ♥

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