Let’s Talk : Love Yourself

Because, no one is going to truly love you if YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF 🙂

Beware : This is a very long post and I promise some really cool pictures of the Mehrangarh Fort in the end. So, do read 😉

Hello to all you beautiful people out there, I offer you my much much gratitude for all the sweet appreciation on my last post (Read it here ). Your comments, messages and all those good wishes really overwhelmed me. I am truly touched and honored and guess what, this has made me even more determined and responsible towards you guys. So, here I am today with a “Let’s Talk” series ; I had earlier posted a “Let’s Talk Rumi!” on my blog which you guys enjoyed as much as I did while creating it. Now, I know that you come to this blog for the love of fashion that we all share so don’t you worry, I’ve got that aspect covered as well.  You know what, let’s just start digging.

So, you ask me that why is it even important to discuss this?? I tell you why.. Because a lot of us without even realizing, forget loving.. we don’t even like our ownselves. Now immediately you would say, ahh I am definitely not the one you are referring to Ms. Writer. But hang on that’s what I said, we don’t even realize.
Admit it or not, but we are our own worst critic. Physical appearance, inability to do good academically or at a job, failing to accomplish a dream, these are all certain parameters that we base our self esteem & self love upon. It is so funny that, most of us can even pin point in a very specific way what all we dislike about oneself and guess what, a lot of our own point of dislikes are never really looked upon or considered as a point of flaw by others. Funny world!
We on a daily basis fail to acknowledge our positive attributes, our acts of kindness and most of the times we have to be reminded by our good old reliable well wishers of how good and unique we are. That is mainly because of our own interpretation of how good others are and how flawed and lesser and smaller in every way possible we are. We mainly drive our self esteem from others’ opinion of us, whereas the right source lies within us. But, we never let it come into action.
We are so busy in judging others, forming various kinds of opinion of them, not failing to let them know of it as well which ultimately leads upto them feeling the way we feel about them. That we almost forget how we are depriving our ownself the benefit of a much bigger and better life that one could lead if one would focus on oneself.
Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. ~ Lucille Ball
As Elilzabeth Gilbert said ~ ‘Embrace the glorious mess that you are.’ Love yourself guys as it is the first secret of happiness.

About the look :

I had bought this long open with tassel ties in the front shrug or cover up or longline jacket or kurta, whatever you may wanna call it from Sarojini Nagar months ago. I fell for the afghani feel and look of it and also the black colour was a sure shot call for buying it. Now, I wanted to try the full on flary look that would come with a skirt and this piece. So, I went for the green skirt that I had worn earlier in the Teej outfit here , the green and white embroidery of the jacket went pretty well with the green of the skirt. For the top part I added a pop of pink in the form of a camisole. And, finished off the look with a pair of all-time-favourite silver earings and quite an eye catchy mermaid bucket sling bag. I was quite content with the overall look and since I was having a very bad hair day , my everyday bun updo remained intact.

Oh by the way, this was also shot back in Nov.’17 at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur during our Rajasthan trip then. Now, that fort is not vast but vaaaaaaaast. It had so much of history, relevance and information that I couldn’t dare writing about. It goes without even saying that, it is the main attraction of Jodhpur and the beauty of the place is beyond words. Here sharing some pictures of the place that we clicked.

The two pigeons guarding the entry gate 🙂
You have to take a lift to reach the upper part of the fort. This view was taken from where the lift dropped us.
Catching sunsets forever !
Mahadol : The Palanquin at Mehrangarh Museum
The blue view ❤
Inside one of the palace. Beautiful chaos.
Inside the Sheesh Mahal
Some soul digging sitting area
Old World Charm ❤
Men at work !
Women at work !
Palace of dreams
The fascinating lane of cannons as seen from the inside of the fort
Me at my best weirdo with the ever defensive cannon
On Duty
Some Jodhpuri essence !
Once upon a time !
Synchronized !
My kind of workdesk 🙂
Just another day at work.
Another one with the cannons #mebeingtouristy
And that’s how you exit .
Until next time you guys ! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear from you.

Outfit details :

Green skirt – Ajio ( out of stock , INR 1,299 / 650 ) , shrug – Sarojini Nagar Mkt. ( INR 300 ) , Pink Camisole – GK Market ( INR 200 ) , Kohlapuri chappal – Bought it from Amritsar, you can easily get these anywhere ( around INR 300 ) , Earings – Dilli Haat ( INR 70 ) , Bag – KOOVS ( out of stock , INR 1,200/- / 600 )

Thank you for reading this post.

Much Love ♥

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  1. Really a rocking comeback of you darling…..i envy you in all aspects…..beautiful location and beautiful you…..love you a lot…..keep on posting😍…..ur post is like a stress buster now 😚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your next project must be a travel journal i would read it all day..scrolling through these photographs and reading ur discriptions were so relaxing…Your fashion blog is more than just fashion which truly represents your style, passion, love for good things in life, great taste, knowledge and intellectual.. We need to go on a shopping date…and photography is so on point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only if you could see my face when I read your comment. U r the bestest ambika. I wish I could live upto ur love forever. N shopping date, m always at ur service for that. V definitely need to catch up on that. And Mr. Husband a.k.a. the camera person would be so glad to read this comment. And again, thankyou for your immense love 😍😘


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