Being Touristy in Delhi : Safdarjang’s Tomb

“The Purple Theory”

Fun Fact First : Purple was the color of the first dye made by man. It was called “Mauveine” and was made out of coal tar. The recipe was discovered by William Henry Perkin in 1856.

Hi everyone, How are we all doing?? I am sure by now you all know how much I love going out and clicking the tiniest, prettiest things that my eyes fall on. Just FYI I am a die hard optimist ; that’s why instead of all the flaws that my city possesses (just like any other city) I majorly find it filling me up with hope and life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that #Ilovemydelhi as cliched as that may sound, but I mean it.

A lesser known and hence seldom visited by the tourists edifice – Safdarjang’s Tomb

Earlier on my blog I did work on “Humayun’s Tomb” the grandeur of which was majestic. Not so far away from it, at a distance of approx six kms. rests the soul of Safdarjang’s. Now when you look at Safdarjang’s memorial, it a lot looks like a mini version of Taj Mahal only in red and that leaves you wondering why did they want to build structures that looked so strikingly similar.

Safdarjang’s Tomb built in 1750’s ; Taj Mahal built in 1640’s
And here stands the Begum gazing over her marvel.
One not so great fact about the Safdarjang’s Tomb is that, the marble and red sandstones for the structure were actually taken or removed from the tomb of Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khana.
Side view from the top of the tomb.
” The Maqbara ” R.I.P.
This is the backside view of the tomb ; the sun was setting and throwing a beautiful orange flame upon the setting. Also, there’s a three-domed mosque housed inside the compound that is enclosed within the wall of the outside structure. You can spot one of the domes of the mosque peeping in through the lush greens on the left side of this picture.
A better view of the three-domed mosque from the back side of the tomb. The mosque is unnamed and you can get a clearer vision of it while entering the tomb complex. The Friday prayers are still conducted here.
Another interesting fact about Safdarjang’s Tomb is that it is one of the very last flicker in the dying lamp of the Mughal Architecture of Delhi. That’s a definite interesting reason to visit this place.
About Safdarjang : Born as Muhammad Muqim in-Khurasan in 1708 AD as a Persian, moved to India in 1722 AD. He became the ruler of the state of Awadh in 1739 succeeding his father-in-law. It was Emperor Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Shah who gave him the title of “Safdarjang”. In 1748, Ahmad Shah Bahadur ascended the throne as the new Mughal Emperor and “Safdarjang” was relocated to Delhi as the Wazir or Prime Minister of India. In 1753, he was casted out of Delhi due to some politics and he moved back to Awadh. And, on the date of October 5, 1754 his soul left his body behind in Sultanpur near Faizabad. Safdarjang’s son Nawab Shujaud Daula then pleaded for the construction of his father’s mausoleum in Delhi and the tomb was completed in 1754.
I’ve been to quite a lot of monuments in and around Delhi but the peace and quiet that Safdarjang’s Tomb has to offer is from some other world. You are instantly taken to a quiet zone by the walls of this vicinity leaving behind the mundane city life.
Catching beautiful Sunsets ❤
Details ! For the current look I paired a simple solid Purple top with a similar purple undertones Rajasthani-style-printed wide leg pants.
Afghan inspired jewellery is all over the place from past few months in India. This trend goes really well with fusion or indo-western wear hence, difficult to resist. This neck piece solely added that required uumph to the current look.
You never know the last time you’ll see a place or a person. So, rejoice in every moment.
Now if you love bird watching or enjoy bird photography, this place will feed you like you’re hungry. Parrots and Peacocks spotted in abundance here.
I am now counting the reasons for revisiting this place – 1. Nature & Me time 2. Bird Watching 3. Catching sunset 4. Soaking in the old world charm 5. Seeking peace of mind 6. Photoshoots. Did I leave anything??
Until next time !

Thank you for being here. Do tell me if you enjoyed this post !

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Keep Smiling 🙂

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